Hi, I’m Elle, owner of Pink Dinosaur! And I’m a mom with a dream!

I created Pink Dinosaur when my fourth child was born. I wanted to be able to stay home with her and have a creative outlet of my own. I’m often asked about how I picked the name Pink Dinosaur… I named the boutique after my three boys (Noah, Warner & Jax) who all LOVE Dinosaurs and the pink is for my baby girl (Annie). And around here, pink is more than just a color - it’s an attitude!

The Pink Dinosaur Boutique offers fashionable city t-shirts for the entire family. I also carry apparel and accessories to complete your perfectly styled look! I love supporting other women owned small businesses and you will find a variety of KC makers items in my boutique! Thank you for shopping small and supporting this mom and my dream.

We are more than just cute tees!

When you shop at the Pink Dinosaur you’re not only supporting my dream but you’re giving back!

The Pink Dinosaur has partnered with The Global Orphan Project. Each shirt purchased supports kids and families around the world. The Global Orphan Project is committed to investing in the lives of children who need it the most. Their mission is orphan prevention: to care for vulnerable children and keep families together. We believe in hope, compassion and that every child deserves a chance. Through the purchase of a shirt you are helping workers locally and in Haiti, allowing them to care for their families and build a better future. To learn more about this amazing charity go to: www.goproject.org.